Discard the trash to reclaim the treasure

What is right or wrong, what may seem right for one person, may not be so for another. This of course varies because everyone has different thoughts, opinions, morals, beliefs, standards on various subject matters because each person is an individual in personality and mind thoughts.
With so many different personalities, how can there not be conflict; one person’s right is another person’s wrong. With different characters and temperament, getting along with others smoothly, be it at work, with friends or family, will be difficult at times and therefore boundaries need to be put into place, as bullying, verbally, physically or mentally, can take place and escalate out of control if allowed, where it becomes soul destroying.
If you allow people to continuously violate your soul, eventually your emotions break down, not only with those particular people that put you there, but you may no longer have any hope or faith in others, in life generally or even life itself.
Allow others to ruin your general happiness and you may lose that spring in your step that you may have once had, because you have let them drain your positive energy, your self-esteem may be undermined as you are made to feel less confident in how you are, what you do or what you are capable of. Don’t authorise permission for anyone to steal the essence of the authentic you.
When you lose your spirit and the sense of who you are, you can feel like you are just dying from the inside out. The bully, be it mental or physical, who may seem to have a big ego, may possibly even have some low self-esteem within themselves and with the reducing of others power, it increases their own.
Reclaim the treasure of your self-worth by discarding the trash, don’t allow others verbal abuse or actions to affect your wellbeing. Listen to what someone has to say, say how you feel about it, these are your views and you are allowed to have your personal opinion on it. You are complete just as you are, you don’t require others to assist you to think in their way, their idea of right may be your idea of wrong and that is perfectly fine, their idea of selfless may be your idea of selfish. Follow only those who you genuinely admire, look up to as ideals and from who you can learn, gain kindness, patience and wisdom with great happiness.
If someone is displeased by your views, it is their problem; you have merely expressed your feelings, what they do with the knowledge of it after that is now no longer your problem. Any child-like playground strike-for-strike return behaviour, should just be discarded as the trash, as that is exactly what it is worth and should so therefore be eliminated.
Take back the control by not allowing any vulnerability. This can work for anything and anyone when you believe their behaviour is distasteful or unreasonable, they have shown you who they are, so this now puts you back in the driving seat and their power struggle becomes obsolete along with your feelings, as you are just no longer actually feeling anything at all, just merely going through the motions with no emotion involvement. This can no longer hurt you as you now have no expectations which will result in no disappointment.
Your health really is your wealth, so if your health starts to suffer from other people’s disrupting, bad behaviour patterns, then you should seriously think on how you change things in your environment, to improve your personal health for both mind and body. Start to think of yourself more and what is working for you, to make you happy, not others happy.
Eat well, sleep well, so you have the right fuel and energy for you to function at your absolute optimum level. This will help you, not only for general health, but to think clearly to make the right decisions in life, with minimum regret or wasted time.
Breathe deeply, acknowledge any unhappy moments, extract the lesson learned. Practice gratitude and smile for all the great things already achieved; although you usually smile when you are happy, smiling causes the brain to release dopamine which makes us happier. So, laugh out loud at other people’s stupidity, ignorance, lack of personality or whatever it is that they tried to offend you with.
Do the things you love to do for you, would others put their life on hold for you? Many wouldn’t and why should they, why would we even expect them to. We are all our own person and with a uniqueness that should be nurtured and embraced to develop, grow and flourish like each individual type of plant in its own field, forest or garden, or like the beautiful pearl grown in its protective surroundings. Find your place, the right people within the surroundings and the conditions that works well for you to encourage and achieve your best natural growth without restraint.
Hold on to the treasure that you are, don’t lose that sparkle or allow it to be lost or stolen.

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x

Facebook: Samsara Kyriakou

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