We are on constant vigilance”, President says on situation in region

Measures are being taken so that there are no incidents in our country, Cyprus President, Nikos Christodoulides, said on Saturday, when asked about possible reprisals for operations carried out from Cyprus for strikes against the Houthis.

“We are on constant vigilance”, he said, stating that, at the same time, “we hope that those conditions will be created to end this war in our neighbourhood”.

It is something that worries us, he said, and expressed hope that the conditions will be created to end the war and for the talks to restart to resolve the Palestinian issue on the basis of the agreed framework.

President Christodoulides, answering to a journalist’s question on the sidelines of a ceremony in Strovolos, in Nicosia, whether there was any possibility of retaliation against Cyprus, from which the Western allies are operating against the Houthis, even if Cyprus is not involved in the operations, he said that all those measures are taken from the beginning, not on the occasion of the specific event, “so that there are no incidents in our country”.

The actions of the Houthis, he added, affect the Republic of Cyprus as well as the EU due to the problems created “through these unacceptable actions”.

British aircraft stationed at Akrotiri Base in the British Bases, in Cyprus, were part of an operation that carried air strikes on military positions belonging to the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen

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