Tourism revenue surges 8.3% in October, 22.6% in 10-month period
Tourism revenue increased by 8.3% in October 2023, compared to October 2022, and amounted to €346.5 million, from €319.8 million in the corresponding month of 2022, according to the Statistical Service of Cyprus.

According to the Traveller Survey results covering January to October 2023, tourism revenue for the period amounted to €2,802.6 million, marking a substantial 22.6% increase from the corresponding period in 2022, where revenue stood at €2,285.2 million.

Per capita spending of tourists in October 2023 amounted to €812.95, showcasing a 1.8% increase from €798.20 in October 2022.

British tourists, constituting the largest tourist market with 36.2% of total visitors in October 2023, spent an average of €91.61 daily. German tourists, the second-largest market at 7.1% of the total, had an average daily expenditure of €106.70.

Tourists from Poland, representing the third-largest market with 6.7%, recorded a daily spending average of €86.50.

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