Animal Shelter appeals for help

Hope for Homeless is a shelter for neglected and stray dogs in Cyprus. It is run entirely by a group of volunteers, with immense love for the most “weak” and defenseless of human beings, the animals.

The shelter was created in 2014 in Agioi Trimithias in Nicosia, with the following purposes: 1. The rescue and protection of animals, stray and non-strays, as well as our utmost effort to find families that will love and care for them as part of their own family.
2. Gradual elimination of the problem of stray animals as well as their abuse and mistreatment, and the improvement of their living conditions. .
3. The creation of a shelter for stray and abused animals.
4. The dissemination and encouragement of responsible animal ownership.

During Parikiaki’s visit to the shelter, we spoke with the president of the shelter, Nadia Nikolaou, who, together with her husband Mario, have dedicated their lives to the four-legged angels.
“Years ago, we took abused and abandoned dogs into our home until an organization could find them a home. Since 2014 we have created the shelter which has already found adoptive parents for many hundreds of dogs. Sometimes an adoption does not turn out as expected and then Home for Homeless looks for rehoming the dog. In some cases, a dog may no longer qualify for adoption (this may be due to illness, old age or behavior). At Hope for Homeless you can adopt a dog remotely and then become a foster parent. That way, the dog can live out his/her days at the shelter and not have to be euthanized,” Nadia told us.
As she mentioned, they sent a letter to political parties, institutions, companies and football teams, asking for help, but without finding a response. The letter entitled “Call for help for Animal Shelter” states the following:
“Our shelter works only on a voluntary basis and is not for profit. It is completely financially dependent on outside income, such as gifts and donations.
Thus, our volunteers, while having their own jobs during the day, come to the shelter in the afternoon to contribute to the effort, cleaning the animals’ areas, feeding them and giving them the precious companionship they need. Everyone who is connected to the Hope for Homeless family does so voluntarily, out of love for dogs, in addition to their own private, work or studies. This makes it difficult, but also valuable.
In recent years we have been renting the space in Agioi Trimithias for our shelter where 50 dogs, 12 cats and 2 donkeys are currently housed. The owner of the real estate, from whom we rented the existing premises, did not pay his loan debts to the bank, with the result that the real estate is now the property of the company ALTAMIRA ASSET MANAGEMENT (CYPRUS) LIMITED.
This results in the shelter needing to be relocated soon. We have bought land, with the help of the people and volunteers of the refuge, in which the area has been fenced off last month. Nevertheless, in order to make the construction of the animal shelter possible, it is necessary to pay approximately €120,000, based on the plan for the new shelter. This project needs as much support as possible so that we are able to continue our work and the animals we host have a home until they find their permanent family.
For the above reasons, we appeal to you to help us with your financial support. Even the smallest contribution can help prevent our animals from being euthanized.
PLEASE HELP US make them a safe and beautiful place until we can find them their permanent home. We also post all contributions on our webpage as a token of appreciation and transparency to you. We would therefore appreciate it if you could let us know if you would like us to publicly post your contribution or remain anonymous. Sponsors with large amounts will have their name on a sign and a named dog room.
Animals are part of our culture and we consider it our duty and obligation to help and respect them. We await and wish for your positive immediate response.”

Every contribution is valuable. Whether this involves offering time, financial support or donating food and vaccines. If you can and want to help or if you are looking for a dog that deserves a second chance, do not hesitate to visit or contact the shelter in Agioi Trimithias, Nicosia, Cyprus.
Email: [email protected]
Contact number: +357 96246262

Photoreport by Stavri Kay

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