Unbated work in education from the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation, now inaugurating 9 new projects
Minister of Education: Yianis Christodoulou Foundation is a valuable supporter of public schools
Strong messages from hundreds of children to Mr. Christodoulou and society: ‘Teach me. Believe in me. I can.’
Nine new projects have been completed and bring joy to children and teenagers, students of our country, a contribution by Mr. John Christodoulou, founder of the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation. These include the construction of an immediate intervention and multipurpose room at the Polis Chrysochous Gymnasium, installation of interactive boards at the Argaka Primary School, placement of a special floor in the gym area at the Theoskepasti Special School in Paphos, landscaping of the courtyard at the Lanitio Lyceum, offering educational & rehabilitation equipment at the Apostolos Loukas Special School and at the Red Cross Children’s Rehabilitation Special School in Limassol, professional equipment and renovation of a home economics and art room at the Agia Paraskevi Gymnasium in Geroskipou, an outdoor ‘Calisthenics’ gym at the Kokkinotrimithia Regional Gymnasium, and kitchen equipment for hotel training at the School for the Deaf in Nicosia.
“The contribution of the projects to the Special Schools totaling €365,000 was made available following the organization of a Gala Dinner by Mr. John Christodoulou, and the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation. The projects in the other schools were funded by the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation following the very successful student competition ‘Love Cyprus,’ which awarded prizes totaling €180,000 to 8 schools. In total €545,000 was donated to schools across Cyprus amongst other previous projects.
Inauguration by Mr. John Christodoulou
The inauguration of the projects was carried out by Mr. John Christodoulou in the presence of distinguished individuals such as the Honorable Minister of Education, Mrs. Athina Michaelidou, the well-known director Christian Moore, numerous officials from the Ministry and communities, educators, and students.
As Mr. John Christodoulou stated, ‘Nothing keeps me away from my special homeland, Cyprus. My heart is here, and my desire to offer is steadfast and continuous. That’s why I have set a goal to help children. Because I care about the future of Cyprus. And because children are the future.’
He added, ‘You, the children, hold the key to the future of this place. You must find the right door to open.'”
The warmest welcome from the children
With warm poems and ‘tsiattista’ (traditional Cypriot poetic dueling), the children sent symbolic messages to Mr. Christodoulou, such as ‘and may the good you do be tripled in your joy,’ ‘Teach me. Believe in me. I can.’, ‘If I were a bird I would fly, to go see our lands.’
Genuine gratitude from educators and school directors
The educators showed their own eagerness for progress in the field of education, with words such as ‘The lives of children, especially those of vulnerable groups, have been greatly improved by the projects of the Foundation. If it weren’t for your godsent contribution, all of this would have been an unattainable dream.’ ‘We thank you for your patriotism and the opportunities you give to children to showcase their talents and creativity. We assure you that your love for Cyprus is not one-way. We are glad that your heart beats for Cyprus.'”
Awarding distinguished athletes – School for the Deaf Georgios Markou, Nicosia
Mr. John Christodoulou provided a very significant award-encouragement to the 5 athletes who excelled in global and Cypriot sports competitions, offering them a free weekend in the United Kingdom along with their companions.
Emotion from the soul of Geroskipou and Paphos
Mrs. Despoina Panayia Plastira welcomed Mr. John Christodoulou representing all Geroskipou, embracing him with wishes, blessings, and traditional products.
More than 70 projects have been offered by the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation to date
The above 9 completed projects are added to a multitude of projects that have been carried out by the ‘Yianis Christodoulou Foundation’ in Cyprus and abroad, aiming to provide improved conditions for education and entertainment in schools. They are also added to a host of other recreational and educational actions of the Foundation, such as the recent student competition for best photography and video, which promoted the culture and beauties of our Cyprus. This competition had its awards ceremony last April in Limassol, with the participation of celebrities such as Konstantinos Argiros, Anna Vissi, Marianna Latsi, Christian Moore, and several distinguished guests from Monaco. The offering continues. Mr. Christodoulou and the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation have vowed to complete a further 30 projects, totaling 100 projects by 2026.

For more information, you can visit the website https://www.yianischristodouloufoundation.com/ and the social media pages https://www.facebook.com/YianisChristodoulouFoundation/ and https://www.instagram.com/yianischarity/. Email addresses: Cyprus: [email protected], United Kingdom: [email protected].


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