New Year love resolution

It is the New year and there always seems to be a New Year’s resolution at the ready, but the biggest New Year’s resolution should be to love yourself first and then everything else will fall into place, because most of the other things will come under the umbrella of this. If you want to get fit, lose weight, tone-up, start a dance class, art class or anything else, if you love yourself, you will invest in you, you will make the time to do what you love and enjoy doing for yourself. Learning to love yourself is not easy because many people tend to put the things they love doing to one side because they think of others around them and what they should be doing to please them and keep them happy. This always comes back to haunt us eventually with some resentment, with the ‘what would it have been like if I did X, Y or Z’ for myself.
It is only one life; we are not immortal here on earth and we really should do what makes us happy in the here and now, however not so easy when you have family and friends that may require your regular attention, care and assistance. Of course, there is a fine balance as we try to be so respectful of others, almost selfless at times in catering to their needs and requirements and then almost forgetting our own and pushing our wants and desires to one side. Find the time for helping others but also make sure it is a mutually convenient time so it is done with good heart.
Being selfless is not always so good for us as we may sacrifice things that are important for us to function happily and efficiently. How often do we see people running around so much after others, be it family or friends, and then being so exhausted with it all that eventually their own health suffers due to lack of sleep. A helping hand of babysitting or stepping in to assist another and taking care of someone else’s regular duty routine tasks, even for a short period of time, can just alleviate them from all the hard work, lightening that heavy load, allowing a little rest and recreation to recharge and gain strength again to continue with vigour and vitality and cope with all.
Find an equilibrium where you care for others, but also take time to care for yourself; taking good care of yourself is not being selfish, where you don’t think or care of anyone else but yourself, it is about putting yourself first in order that you are recharged, happy and have the energy where you can give your best to take even better care of others that you love.
Stay away from those that disrupt your harmony, are so selfish that there is no give and take, where they only think of themselves and what suits them for their own personal gain. Instead spend time with others that are humble, kind and happy to help others as well as being kind to themselves.
Find things you love to do for you, ask for assistance, respite from some things if needed, offer the same for others to give each other the time to do things necessary for personal growth and wellbeing. So, whatever it is that you want to do, find a way to do it, whether it is a gym class, a course of study to further progress a career or something for just pure creative leisure.
Your health is your wealth!
Do what you love that is good for you and have no regrets.

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x

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