AKEL: The economy and society will once again pay the price of the privatisation of the Port of Limassol

28 December 2023, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

The new increases imposed on maritime services by the private company at the Port of Limassol will have a chain reaction effect on trade and the market, with subsequent burdens on consumers and businesses. The increases imposed on the Port of Limassol in recent years have risen to 33%. The economy and society are continuously paying the price once again for the privatisation of the Port of Limassol that was promoted by the DISY-Anastasiades government.

These developments confirm that the privatisation of the Port of Limassol is one of the biggest economic crimes committed in the country and a lasting one. However, apart from the political choice to privatize the Port, the content of the agreement itself and the provocatively detrimental provisions against the public interest constitutes a huge scandal with possibly even criminal responsibilities for the decision-makers at the time.

The Christodoulides government has the responsibility, on the one hand, to seek responsibilities and ensure accountability for this scandalous agreement and, on the other hand, to provide immediate solutions to the issue of the new increases in the fees at the Port of Limassol.


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