AKEL: Prevent the shutting down of theatres right now!

29 December 2023, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

Yesterday’s announcement of the results of the “THYMELI 2024” funding scheme confirms in the most tragic way what AKEL has been warning all along.

From the day this scheme was announced, we had expressed our concerns about the serious problems that seemed to be created by the new criteria of the scheme for subsidising theatre organisations in the country, which in no way addressed the increased needs of theatres, but merely attempted to share “poverty”.

In this direction, we had sent a letter to the Deputy Minister of Culture and registered the issue for debate in the relevant Parliamentary Committee, asking for ex officio briefing on the matter.

Today’s decision to suspend indefinitely all the activities of the six major theatres by the Federation of Cyprus Theatrical Institutions, as well as the fierce reactions by the majority of theatrical institutions, are a stain on the culture of our country – a stain for which the government itself and the intransigent attitude of the competent Deputy Ministry bear sole responsibility.

We call once again on the government and the Deputy Ministry of Culture, without any further delay, to listen to the strong reactions and the cry of anguish of the affected actors and to proceed to the full revision of the criteria of the Scheme, to the significant increase of funds so as to meet the growing needs, as well as to ensure the uninterrupted operation of theatres.


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