A massive Christmas party was held by the Lazari Properties at their Lantern building where they welcomed their staff and business partners over 300 people attended.

Managing Director  Len Lazari spoke and welcomed the guests and gave a briefing on the company on the progress they made over the year and what the future holds for them.

Lazari Investments 2023 Xmas Party was at “The Lantern”. The English band was “The Ambassadors” and featured Sharlette Archers amongst others on vocals. The Greek band was “Enthimion” and featured singer Ageliki Darra and bouzouki player Odysseas Elia. The 20 piece classical Chamber orchestra was called “The Lady Godivas” featuring Teodora on first violin. Speech by Len Lazari. Program produced by John Themis, Len Lazari and presented by John Themis. Catering by Nick “Apollo”. Production design by Maria Savva and Beyond Certainty Events.


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