Police protection measures and recommendations for the festive season

30-12-2023 14:46


Cyprus Police said on Saturday that they have intensified measures for the safety of the public ahead of the New Year festivities, prioritising the safe movement of drivers on the road network, the protection of citizens’ property from burglary and theft, the prevention of offences such as theft of bags and purses from citizens walking on public and busy shopping streets, gambling, begging and illegal fundraising. At the same time, citizens are urged to take measures to protect themselves and their property.

The Police say that due to increased expected traffic on the main roads, especially on intercity roads and highways, Police presence will be stronger in order to ensure smooth traffic and to prevent serious and fatal road collisions.

As part of a nationwide campaign to prevent road collisions, which will last until January 7, 2024, special emphasis will be placed during traffic checks and zero tolerance will be shown on the four main causes of serious and fatal road collisions, namely speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, and not wearing a seat belt or a protective helmet, the Cyprus Police said.

Police urge the public to be particularly careful during the festive season, pointing out that in addition to the measures taken, citizens are urged when in public places and busy commercial streets and when walking to keep their money and credit cards in the front pockets of their clothing. They are also advised not to carry large sums of money, but only the bare essentials, while special attention is also recommended in crowded, dark and secluded places.

To guard their homes and shops more effectively, and in particular during their absence from home, residents should leave no evidence that would give away their absence, ensure that the house is kept securely locked and cooperate with neighbours they trust to keep an eye on each other’s houses. They are advised not to leave keys on the locks or even on the inside of the door, nor leave exposed, under any circumstances, money, jewellery, important documents or other valuables, which are the prime target of offenders, and where possible, should keep them in a suitable safe.

Shopkeepers are advised to leave their shop cash registers open and empty, not to leave large sums of money in unsecure places, not to leave their property exposed, to ensure that alarm systems are installed, to check that such systems are modern, reliable and that they have not been damaged in any way.

To tackle the problem of car thefts and thefts from cars, the public is urged not to leave bags, briefcases, mobile phones, laptops or any other items of value in visible places inside the car, even if it is locked, while the Police also urge the public not to leave their cars running, when not in the driver’s seat, to ensure that they have removed the keys to their car, to always lock the doors and fully roll up the windows, even if the car is parked in front of their house, in a safe place, and to always park their car in places where there is adequate street lighting.

With regard to begging, the Police say that it is a criminal offence and expressly prohibited by law and note that some people may feign a medical condition or claim to be in need in order to persuade people to give donations.

It is also noted that some people may be victims of organised groups and that minors may be forced into begging by third parties.

Regarding combating offences related to gambling, the Police announced that during the festive season there will be daily checks in casinos, clubs, cafes, and other establishments, both in cities and villages, for any violation of the relevant legislation.

In cases where any information or movements of suspicious persons and/or vehicles during the day or night come to their attention, members of the public should immediately inform the Citizen’s Help Line at 1460 or contact the emergency response telephones at 112 and 199.

Citizens are advised to monitor the Police websites (www.cypruspolicenews.com – www.police.gov.cy) as well as Social Media, (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, App) for various announcements, tips and other issues of general public interest, the police press release concludes.

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