AKEL: In which other European country, does the state broadcaster corporation transmit the speeches of religious leaders?

That in his Christmas message, the Archbishop in Cyprus found space to make a politically charged speech on the Cyprus problem but did not find a single word to say about the ongoing slaughter in martyred Palestine, the massacres of children and civilians being committed, and the devastation and destruction caused can only be characterised as disappointing.
The message of Christmas, by definition ecumenical and universal, is consistent with messages of peace, love and solidarity, rather than with political positions that again raise questions as to whether the Church realised that any ethnarchic and political role it may have played was closed many decades ago.
At the same time, the Cyprus Radio and Television Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) owes an explanation for the fact that it decided to transmit the Archbishop’s speech, which is done only for the President of the country.
We wonder in which other European country the public TV and radio station transmits messages from religious leaders,

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