As the festive celebration gets closer, some people seem to panic, get flustered as they run around to shop for all they require. However, when I recently encountered a very selfish act, along with some ego, it soon reminded me just how awful the behaviour of some people can be. On this occasion, one person decided that reversing around 8ft back was far too much trouble for her, and so holding up five cars and making them all reverse instead, was the right thing to do, even though I had to drive up onto beautiful green pastures, just for her to prove a point. Obviously one person has to give in here in order to get the traffic moving, so as I climbed the green to allow movement, I was so disappointed in mankind for a moment.

I had on another occasion witnessed this self-serving nature at traffic lights, with an ambulance having to pass in an emergency; the car in front at the traffic lights was so afraid that if they moved forward and passed the red light to allow the ambulance to get through, they themselves may get a fine for doing so. Even though everyone was hollering at the driver to move in order to allow it through, with the possibility that someone’s life may be at stake here, it would not shift their mindset.

Christmas is supposed to be a time of goodwill, there are many people alone on this day because they have no family or close friends that live nearby; one extra guest who is of kind nature should not be dismissed because they are not blood related. Some friends can become your chosen family and be even more loyal than those that are blood related. Good character and kindness goes a long way, those small selfless gestures and acts of kindness often seem to come back in abundance.

There are some people where kindness tends to come naturally, people act with sincere empathy and try to make another person’s life easier in any way they can, while others are so self-absorbed, doing any act of kindness may just be incomprehensible. Why would they do something for someone else if it doesn’t benefit them personally in some way?

Unfortunately, I struggle with these people, and although we have to encounter them in life, be it on social occasions out or at work, these people don’t make great friend material as it will always be about themselves in the end. So if people are on my friends list, it is because they are worthy, with a pure heart, they desire the good of others and are not obsessed with financial gain over mankind and humanity. Aristotle said that true friendship is rare because good people are few. Become worthy of the friends you want, be the friend that another good person would want.

What makes a friend worthy? Surely a supportive friend will be non-biased, give thoughtful advice, will not be offended when advice isn’t taken, may offer another’s guidance who may be experienced in a matter. A good friend will be honest, try to assist, want a good result and outcome in all you attempt to do, they are not afraid of superseding them in any way. They will genuinely admire and be happy for what you have worked for and achieved. They will also really be happy for you when you are happy.

Building a friendship takes time to slowly build trust and discover who each person is, this involves slowly allowing yourself to be vulnerable as learning to share a part of your real self and seeing the reaction of another who will still stand by with loyalty.

We mirror one another, the behaviour of us subconsciously imitating gesture, attitude and speech of another when in company can become so natural, we don’t even realise we are doing it. So choose friends wisely as they will often reflect you and you them.

Christmas is a time of good will, but it really should be a life of good will and not just for Christmas.


Merry Christmas!

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