After taking part in ceremonial events in Parliament when MPs are summoned by Black Rod to hear the first King’s Speech for 70 years, Theresa said, “I welcome these new measures to tackle crime, including empowering courts to compel offenders to attend their sentencing hearing.

“Many of my constituents tell me they are worried about crime. After seven years with Mayor Khan in charge of policing in London, people are losing confidence in police efforts on offences such as burglary, car crime, shoplifting and antisocial behaviour. It is good that the Met now acknowledge that stronger action is needed. The legislative proposals announced today should support the police in their efforts to keep people safe, boosted by the 20,000 extra officers promised and delivered by this Conservative Government.

“I’m also very pleased to see that the Bill to ban councils and universities from boycotting Israeli goods is carried over to this new session of Parliament and is confirmed in the Gracious Speech. The founder of the BDS movement does not believe that Israel should exist and BDS boycott campaigning fuels antisemitism. Councils should focus on delivering services not running a foreign policy.

“It is also important that the Holocaust Memorial Bill is being taken forward, to deliver a lasting reminder of the horrors that antisemitism can lead to.

“I was among a group of London Conservative MPs and Assembly members to write to Met Commissioner Mark Rowley at the weekend expressing opposition to the planned march on Armistice Day on Saturday. It would be disrespectful and insensitive to go ahead with this, especially in the light of the antisemitic incidents occurring at previous protests.”

On a separate issue, Ms Villiers has welcomed the Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Bill. This will ban the export of lives animals for slaughter or fattening because of the unnecessary suffering caused to animals during long distance journeys, and at destinations with lower welfare standards than the UK. Theresa has campaigned for this ban for 20 years. It is made possible by the UK’s departure from the EU.


Photo: Doros Partasides


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