The illegal declaration of the pseudo-state was condemned by school students today with marches and events on the occasion of its 40th sad anniversary.
In Nicosia, pupils and students gathered this morning at the Nicosia Municipality wholesale market in Kaimakli and from there marched to the check point of Mia Milia, where an event was organised by the Pancyprian Coordinating Committee of Pupils (PSEM) to condemn the declaration of the pseudo-state.
Shouting slogans such as “Cyprus – United – Federal” and “All together to bring down the occupation – All together for reunification” and holding banners that read, among other things, “Greek Cypriots – Turkish Cypriots – Common Struggle – Common Homeland” and “Turkish army out of Cyprus”, pupils gathered in front of the checkpoint.
A resolution prepared by PSEM was read out against the illegal declaration of the pseudo-state, which, inter alia, denounced, “the illegal and separatist action taken by the then nationalist Turkish Cypriot leadership of Rauf Denktash and Turkey”. Furthermore, pupils confirmed that they will continue the struggle to achieve a viable solution that will reunite our people and homeland.
The President of PPSEM, Giorgos Moysis, in his speech stressed that forty years have passed since the illegal declaration of the pseudo-state. He noted that nine years after the twin crimes of the coup and the invasion, the military establishment in Turkey and their puppet in Cyprus, Rauf Denktash, proceeded to declare a pseudo-state in the occupied territories of our homeland, thus reinforcing the occupation and partition.
He also noted that pupils, as the voice of the future, must rise to the occasion and stand as a barrier to those forces and circles who promote partition, in the front line of the struggle for liberation and reunification against imperialism.
“We must struggle for the peaceful coexistence of Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Armenians, Maronites and Latins in the land that gave birth to us. Because this small island, this people cannot remain divided,” he said, pointing that “with today’s events in all distrcits, we are making it clear in every direction that those who are attempting to undermine efforts to reach a solution will find us opposing them.”
PSEM organised a demonstration in Limassol too
Meanwhile, with a march from the city’s old hospital to Grigoris Afxentiou Square (District Administration), pupils also condemned the anniversary of the declaration of the pseudo-state in Limassol, as part of the Pancyprian events organised by PSEM.
Holding banners, placards and Cyprus flags, the participants shouted slogans denouncing the pseudo-state and in favour of a reunited and independent Cyprus.
The speech was read by the President of the Limassol District Students’ Coordination Committee Alexandros Kafkalias. The event concluded with a short cultural programme.

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