The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulides, intends to visit countries in the region in the coming period for processes for the humanitarian corridor to Gaza to advance, he told the Press on Saturday.

Responding to questions on the sidelines of the 6th BPW Mediterranean Symposium regarding British reports on┬áthe transfer of US weapons systems from the bases at Akrotiri to Israel, the President said that there is no such information and that Cyprus “cannot be used as a base for military operations”.

On the contrary, he said, “our country, through its actions, shows the humanitarian nature of our approaches, this effort that we are making for the humanitarian corridor, but also with the great effort we made with the transfer of populations from the region. Our country has proven to be useful to both the British and the Americans and we have a very good cooperation,” he noted.

Asked if there was any news on the humanitarian corridor following the Foreign Minister’s meeting with the President of Israel, President Christodoulides said that processes are moving forward. “I will also have contacts in the coming days, I will travel to countries in the region, we are in contact with the United Nations, the EU, and we hope that soon this plan, which is in fact the only plan discussed by the international community, will be implemented in practice”.

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