Omonia Youth FC, a vibrant community football club proudly sponsored by Diamond Corp. Ltd., this weekend witnessed a wonderful spell of triumphs and draws on the pitch. The matches were not only a testament to the skill and determination of the teams but also embraced moments of silence for Remembrance Sunday, honouring the fallen British and Commonwealth military and civilian service people in the World Wars and later conflicts.

In the Hertfordshire Girls Football Partnership League (HGFPL) match, Omonia Youth FC U16 Girls, led by coaches Sophia Karanicholas and Samuel Arthur, secured a 4-2 victory. Shekhinah showcased her scoring prowess with three goals, and Gina added one, leading to a well-deserved win. Temi, named the Player of the Match, displayed exceptional goalkeeping skills, playing the entire game in goal and delivering a game-saving performance.
Facing a team that previously defeated them comfortably during the half-term break, the girls demonstrated determination to set things right. Despite initially falling behind 1-0, Shekhinah quickly equalised with a low shot finish. The match was characterised by high intensity, a pressing game, and a physical contest. Although the passing game wasn’t as prominent, the team’s defensive resilience and the midfield’s relentless support secured the victory. The collective effort resulted in an outstanding team performance seeing the U16s turn the game around, propelling them back to 2nd place in the league standings, one point behind the leaders and with a game-in-hand.

Under the guidance of coaches Jack Markou and Andy Stavrou, Omonia Youth FC U13 Green secured an colossal 8-0 victory in their Watford Friendly League (WFL) match. The initial stages were somewhat scrappy, but Omonia dominated possession, with their defence standing strong. Two quick goals before halftime set the tone. Following halftime discussions with the coaches, the boys took control in the second half, netting six more goals for a comprehensive win. The emphasis on maintaining a clean sheet was evident, highlighting the team’s defensive prowess. The convincing victory will do well to boost the team’s confidence ahead of a challenging Middlesex Cup game next week.

In their WFL match, Omonia Youth FC U8 Silver, coached by Kyri Karaiskakis, displayed a strategic shift, emphasising defence after a strong attacking performance the previous week, all while maintaining the diamond formation. The focus on defensive responsibilities, particularly midfielders tracking back to support the lone defender, paid off as the team achieved a clean sheet for the first time. The boys seamlessly translated training drills into on-field execution, showcasing their prowess in both attack and defence. Coach Kyri lauded their excellent decision-making in the attack, with players consistently making good choices and demonstrating effective teamwork. Overall, it was a stellar performance, earning praise for the team’s cohesive play.

Omonia Youth FC U18 Gold, led by coaches David Poncia and Savva Zavros, experienced a goalless draw in their WFL match, with Jono earning the player of the match accolade.
It seemed to be one of those days where scoring proved elusive, especially in the first half, marked by significant missed opportunities. The scarcity of chances in the second half and the impact of earlier misses resulted in two points dropped against a team they had previously defeated 5-1 earlier in the season.

In their Girls Super League (GSL) match, Omonia Youth FC White Lions, under the coaching of Tony Stylianides and Anthony Matas, secured a hard-fought 2-1 victory. Stimulated by a spirited pre-match huddle and a moment of silence for Remembrance Sunday, the girls initiated the game with high intensity, quickly gaining an advantage. Anya’s brilliant run and cross set up Cecily for an early goal. Despite sustained pressure from the opposition in the first half, Mahdi, named Player of the Match and guarding the goal, showcased remarkable form.
The second half unfolded as a more balanced contest, with both teams creating opportunities. An unfortunate deflection resulted in an own goal, levelling the score at 1-1. Undeterred, the Lions regrouped, and with several minutes remaining, Sophia capitalised on a bouncing ball, unleashing a half-volley into the top corner to reclaim the lead. The girls, displaying resilience, defended with determination in the closing minutes, securing the well-deserved 2-1 win.

Back to the WFL, Omonia Youth FC U13 White, guided by coaches Nick Paraskeva and George Agrotis, secured a challenging 3-0 victory in their U13 Junior League Cup match. Facing an improved and determined opponent, the team encountered a significantly more demanding contest than their earlier 7-0 triumph over the same division rival.
Despite maintaining control through possession, passing, and attacking talent, the match evolved into a fierce battle with the opponents launching counterattacks. The defensive resilience, especially from goalkeeper Aref, proved crucial. Aref’s vocal presence and remarkable saves, particularly in the second half, contributed to the team’s fourth clean sheet of the season, earning him the Player of the Match accolade.
Anthony, serving as captain for the first time, played a pivotal role, showcasing exceptional leadership and elevating the team’s performance. The Whites’ triumph not only secured a spot in the quarter-finals of the competition but also marked an impressive 10th consecutive win in all competitions this season, maintaining their flawless start. The coaches expressed immense pride in the boys’ accomplishments, highlighting their unwavering dedication and success on the pitch.

For Omonia Youth FC U9 Girls, coached by Kyri Karaiskakis and Athenasia Petrou, the focus for their GSL match was on enjoyment and teamwork, especially with the cold weather conditions. At the suggestion of the opposition, the game started as 6 aside to keep the girls warm. The first half showcased solid defence and relentless effort.
As the temperature dropped, the decision was made to switch to 7v7 in the second half. The girls, displaying versatility by switching positions, continued their hard work, complemented by two exceptional goalkeepers. Despite the weather challenges, the team performed admirably, and the coaches commend the U9s for their outstanding effort and teamwork. Well done, U9s!

In their Barnet Sunday Football League (BSFL) match, Omonia Youth FC Men I, led by Coach Chris Gregoriou, faced a challenging 2-1 loss against the only unbeaten team in the division.
The initial 40 minutes saw the home team in control, dictating the play and generating numerous scoring opportunities. However, a lapse in concentration just before halftime resulted in an unfortunate deflected goal, putting the men 1-0 behind.
The second half mirrored the first, with Omonia dominating possession but conceding another goal from a scramble in the box. Despite relentless pressure and multiple chances, the Men’s First team found themselves 2-0 down. A glimmer of hope emerged when they were awarded a penalty, expertly converted by Nick Gregoriou, who returned from a long-term injury. Despite the team’s determined efforts and numerous opportunities, they fell short in equalising, ultimately concluding the match with a 2-1 defeat.

Omonia Youth FC U12 Silver’s WFL match, coached by George Sammoutis and Angelo Siracusa, delivered an outstanding performance with a resounding 4-0 victory. The coaches, George and Angelo, expressed immense pride in the team’s exceptional teamwork and confidence on the field.
The game kicked off with a dominant display from Omonia, creating numerous scoring opportunities that reflected the growing confidence of the boys. Despite a goalless first half, the coaches praised the team’s performance and encouraged them to capitalise on their chances.
The second half showcased Omonia’s continued dominance, marked by excellent runs, intricate 1-2 passes, and promising crosses into the penalty area. Albion’s solo run and strike broke the deadlock, putting Omonia ahead 1-0. The relentless pressure on the opposition’s defence led to Shay seizing an opportunity with a first-time shot from outside the area, doubling the lead to 2-0.
Mert, the right back, showcased his skills by delivering an excellent corner that found Albion in the middle, allowing him to control the ball and secure his second goal, extending the lead to 3-0. As the boys continued to press, Nicolas, from the right wing, embarked on a powerful solo run, skilfully manoeuvring past defenders and delivering a well-struck effort that found the net, sealing the victory at 4-0.
The coaches applauded the team’s remarkable efforts, praising their exceptional performance, effective teamwork, and ability to convert opportunities. The comprehensive win showcased the boys’ growing confidence and skill on the pitch.

In their WFL match, Omonia Youth FC U13 Gold, coached by George Constantinou and Andrew Demetriou, faced Finchley for the second consecutive week, resulting in a 4-4 draw. Initially trailing 2-0 within the first 20 minutes, the team created numerous openings but struggled to convert chances. Displaying resilience, they rallied in the second half, taking a 4-2 lead. However, a momentary lapse allowed Finchley to capitalise with two quick goals from set pieces, levelling the score. Despite a final push for victory, the match concluded in a draw. The coaches acknowledged it as a valuable learning experience for the boys, emphasising the importance of not taking a lead for granted when in a commanding position, highlighting the need to maintain focus throughout the game.

In a friendly encounter, Ali Emir and Tony Sylvan’s Omonia Youth FC U11 Wildcats White engaged in a challenging match against their opponents, as Coach Ali termed it, “a brilliant game in cold and muddy conditions, paying tribute to Remembrance Day – a valuable experience for all young girls in grassroots football.”
The U11 Wildcats have been making notable progress in recent weeks, building momentum with successive victories as the girls forge a stronger connection, placing trust in their teammates.
The Whites initiated the game on a positive note, relentlessly pursuing the opposition for every ball. Their determined approach reaped rewards, with the Wildcats capitalising on numerous opportunities. Despite facing resilient opposition, the Wildcats displayed commendable character and refused to concede.
Coach Tony expressed his satisfaction with the U11s, stating, “This marks the first occasion the girls have played with such confidence, evident in one player scoring four goals and another securing a hat-trick. We anticipate that the young ladies will maintain this confidence and attitude throughout the remainder of the season.”

Omonia Youth FC’s week of stellar performances reflects not only individual skill but also the collective spirit of determination and growth. From dominant victories to hard-fought draws, each team exhibited qualities that make Omonia a powerhouse in youth football. As the season progresses, the club remains a beacon of pride for the community, fostering young talent and nurturing a love for the beautiful game.

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