President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides shared with US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, a specific document stating the steps planned by the Cypriot Authorities regarding the humanitarian aid to Gaza.

President spoke about the content of his meeting with US Secretary, in his statements to the press at the Cathedral of the Apostle Barnabas, in Nicosia, where he attended the opening of the International Theological Conference.

“It was important that the initiative of the Republic of Cyprus was discussed” President Christodoulides pointed out, indicating that the US Secretary of State welcomes Nicosia’s approach, taking into account the fact that Cyprus has excellent relations with all neighboring states. Secretary Blinken also thanked Cyprus for its role in evacuation of population from the area.

Asked about the planning of the Cypriot authorities, in relation to the humanitarian aid to Gaza, President Christodoulides said that there is a specific plan, a specific document (that states) “step by step how this will be done”. He said that he has shared this with the American Secretary of State, as he has shared it with other states that showed interest, like France.

“I will be there for the Summit that the French President will organize this week – along with the President of the Commission who contacted me to be informed in more detail, and we are working on this plan” he added.

Asked on what was discussed on Cyprus issue, President of the Republic said that they discussed the need to resume the talks from where they stopped, and in particular the issue of the UN Secretary General’s decision to proceed with the appointment of an envoy.

“As it turns out so far, there is a denial on behalf of Turkey, even though I mentioned to Mr. Blinken, and he already knew, that the UN efforts continue”, he added.

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