The Polytechnic uprising continues to inspire with its spirit, ideas and unfulfilled demands
17 November 2023, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia
This year fifty years have passed since the Athens Polytechnic uprising against the junta of the Colonels in Greece. The uprising of 17 November 1973 expressed the demands of the youth and people of Greece for democracy, social justice and the liberation of their country from American-NATO dependencies. As such, the Polytechnic uprising was and remains an anti-fascist, patriotic and popular symbol that illuminates the history of Greece and its people.
AKEL honors the popular uprising of the Polytechnic and the sacrifice of its fallen, as well as all the fighters who, during the bleak seven years [of the dictatorship], took on the junta in military courts, prisons, torture chambers, in exile and far away prison islands.
At the same time, AKEL and the entire Cypriot people do not forget that the same hands of the “national-minded” forces who massacred the Polytechnic uprising also massacred Cyprus a year later, consciously collaborating with Turkey in the partition of our country. After all, history has confirmed many times both in Greece and Cyprus that the exploitation of nationalist sentiments and “super-patriotic” rhetoric were nothing, but the thin cover of treason.
Fifty years after the Polytechnic uprising, the young generations in Cyprus and Greece continue to be inspired by the emblematic and unfulfilled slogan “Bread-Education-Freedom” and its anti-fascist content at a time when the far-right is ascending to power in European countries.
It continues to recall the demands “Out with the USA – Out with NATO” at the gates of the Polytechnic and that patriotism presupposes anti-imperialism and resistance to the policy that is turning Cyprus into an “advanced outpost of the West”.
It continues to inspire with his rebellious spirit, ideas and visions.
For the rights and aspirations of the young generation.
For democracy and independence.
For a free and reunited Cyprus.

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