US Deputy Assistant Secretary of European and Eurasian Affairs, Joshua Huck, has praised the cooperation of Cyprus as regards the implementation of sanctions against Russia, while acknowledging Nicosia’s efforts to fight corruption.

The US official addressed on Friday the Cyprus Forum, that is taking place in Nicosia.

Meanwhile, British High Commissioner to Cyprus, Irfan Siddiq, in a separate speech earlier also referred to the issue of sanctions against Russia and his country’s cooperation with Cyprus.

US official


Referring to the sanctions against Russia, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of European and Eurasian Affairs commended the Republic of Cyprus’ diligent efforts to uphold its commitments towards the EU and the UN and said that the US is happy to have a strong partnership in this area. 

In addition, he praised the Cypriot President’s policy on the issue.

“We applaud President Christodoulides’ zero tolerance policy” towards anyone who seeks to help evade financial sanctions imposed on Russia, he said.

He noted that these actions underscore the Cypriot administration’s mission to further rebuild Cyprus’ reputation as a business and financial center.

The Republic of Cyprus, he said, “has decisively turned the corner and is on a clear upward trajectory in the fight against corruption,” adding that the US engagement, support and close work with the Republic of Cyprus is constant.

He said that the US acknowledges the progress the Republic of Cyprus has made and referred in particular to the creation of an independent anticorruption authority and the sanctions implementation unit.

These actions, he said, demonstrate Cyprus’ commitment for a stable, prosperous future for all Cypriots, noting that these efforts are the foundation of Cyprus’ robust economy today and in the future. 

British High Commissioner


In his speech, British High Commissioner in Cyprus, Irfan Siddique, referred to the open and closed societies, the democracies and authoritarian regimes, noting that over the last few decades there has been a rise in authoritarian states and there are more challenges to the rule of law. He spoke about the rise of China, populism in the west, the war of Russia against Ukraine.

Referring to the UK’s actions after the Russian invasion in Ukraine, he said that the government has implemented sanctions and measures against sanctions evaders.

In order to protect the rule of law, he said, we are building deeper partnerships, including with Cyprus. He noted that over the past year they have significantly wrapped up the collaboration with the Republic of Cyprus government with the aim to ensure that financial sanctions are enforced.

He said that there is a lot that can be achieved by working together and that progress has been made. 

Collectively, he said, these efforts and broader efforts ensure the integrity of the liberal democratic model, the integrity of the commitment to open societies.

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