Zach Troullous from Hoddesdon Boxing Club (HodBox) fought over the weekend at the Royal Stage Hillerod in Denmark with his teammates and head coach Sab Leo.

He returned back from his injury and wins a silver medal at the HSK Box Cup at under 80kg.

A convincing performance from Zach sealed his victory in the semi-finals, enabling him to qualify for the final.

He lost a close split decision in an intense, punch-filled fight that could have gone either way.

It was a well-deserved silver medal for Zach.

Around 400 contestants across Europe entered the HSK Box Cup tournament this year.

He will now be travelling to Sweden for the King Of The Ring tournament at the end of October along with his teammates and coaches.

With this experience, Zach will better prepare himself for the upcoming season.

Instagram: Zachtrouofficial

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