In December 2015 Soulla Christodoulou resigned from her teaching role and an increasingly toxic environment at a local secondary school to take some time out for herself. “I had no idea what I wanted to do,” she says, “but I knew I had to leave work; stress was affecting my health and I didn’t want my career to go down the pan.”
Earlier that same year, she began to write a book. With the guidance of a host of creative writing peers she continued to write, persevered with her research, and developing her writing and own style soon became a habit. She envisioned becoming an author as a possible future career for her and trusted her instinct to continue.
ā€œIā€™d always enjoyed writing and was thirsty for something new; I loved learning and listened to every podcast going, bought countless books to learn the craft and filled my days with writing. In many ways, writing was therapeutic.ā€
Fast forward eight years and she has published four books, her second novel, The Summer Will Come, is a book-to-movie project and she is running a successful business offering writing, editing and mentoring support to emerging writers.
“Giving new writers the motivation and inspiration to write their own stories is both a privilege and hugely rewarding. And mentoring links back to my teaching days which I will always be grateful for,” she says.
Her fifth book – part of a three-book signing with a publisher – is about to be released. A Palette of Magpies is out on 28th October 2023.
“It is a novel partly inspired by an art teacher I used to work with and I have created a feel-good story set in The Cotswolds with some beautiful themes and hard-hitting messages: life, pain, hope, healing, kindness, forgiveness and love.”
Published with Kingsley Publishers, A Palette of Magpies, is available for pre order now in both e-book and paperback formats.
You can also connect with Soulla on Instagram: @soullasays or contact her through her website:

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