This #NationalThalassaemiaDay, let’s unite and show our support for thalassaemia services in the UK! ❤️
Did you know that #thalassaemia care varies across the country? It’s not just about funding or staff shortages, but also the lack of awareness and education about thalassaemia, as it affects a small number of patients in the UK. However, we are determined to change that!
We’re thrilled to announce that the 4th Edition of the Standards of Clinical Care for Children and Adults living with thalassaemia is launching later this week, coinciding with National Thalassaemia Day! 🎉🎈
So, what exactly are these standards of care? 🤔 They are expert-written clinical guidelines covering every aspect of thalassaemia care. These guidelines aim to ensure that everyone receives the gold standard treatment and consistent care throughout the UK! 🙌💙
Join us in spreading awareness, championing thalassaemia services, and making a difference in the lives of individuals living with thalassaemia.
So will you put your heart into advocating for #thalassaemia care?
Well done to the UK Thalassaemia Society
#StandardsOfCare #UKSupport

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