Turkish and Greek Cypriots are getting together at the jointly organised “Bicommunal Cypriot Festival” this Sunday 8th October.

The Festival, first of its kind, aiming to reflect the common culture and traditions of all the communities living in Cyprus is taking place at The Cypriot Community Centre in Wood Green, north London. (Earlham Grove, N22 5HJ).

There will be music, singing, traditional dances, poems, theatre shows, short films, tsiattista, photographic and painting exhibitions on display for all participants to enjoy.

The “Let’s Sing Together Band” from Cyprus will also attend the festival with Frideriki Tombazou and Niyal Öztürk singing songs for peace together. 

Entrance to the festival is free of charge and Cypriot food and drinks such as shamishi, koupes, soutzoukko, lokmathes, palouze, mahallepi, kaloprama, souvlakia, zivaniya, soumata, rosewater and Cypriot coffee will be available for purchase.

The festival will be a full-day event from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm and trilingual games and a bouncy castle will be available for the children. Two specialists travelling from Cyprus, one Turkish Cypriot and one Greek Cypriot, will be carrying out workshops for children as well.



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