Following the participation of dozens of photographers from all over Cyprus on the theme “Faces of Cyprus”, the results of the 5th Bicommunal Photography Competition, organised by AKEL and Left – GUE/NGL, have been announced.

A total of 73 people, from both sides of the ‘green line’, participated in the competition with 308 photographs. The jury was made up of 22 members from the field of photography and culture in general who assessed the photos through an online vote.

The top three winners of the competition are as follows:

– First Prize – Ayse Kececioglu (Photo: Past)
– 2nd Prize – Saziye Kofali Kourt (Photo: Sharp Look)
– Third Prize – Giorgos Petrou (Photo: Tailor)

The top three winners will be included in a Visitors Group to Brussels and will be awarded at the Awards Ceremony. The other nine participants whose photographs were selected for the 2024 Calendar will also be awarded. The other prizes and photographs selected for the exhibition, as well as the members of the jury and organising committee, are attached.

The event at which the winners of the Competition will be awarded and the photo exhibition will be inaugurated will take place on Friday, 15 December at 7 pm at the ‘Chateau Status in Nicosia’.

After evaluating 308 photographs from a total of 73 participants, the Organizing Committee of the 5th Bicommunal Photography Competition organised by AKEL and the Left GUE/NGL Group, based on the criteria of the Competition, selected the 195 photographs that passed to the final phase. The jury, consisting of 22 members, evaluated the photographs in the final phase. On the basis of the jury’s evaluation, the following results emerged:

The top three winners:
1st Prize Ayşe Keçecioğlu The Past
2nd Prize Şaziye Kofalı Kurt Penetrating Stare
3rd Prize Giorgos Petrou Tailor

The photographs that will be awarded and included in the 2024 calendar (in addition to the first 3) are the following:
Aleksis Saveriades –
Veysi Canateş Cinematographer
Erkan Çelikeri Tradition
Thekla Gavrill Gentleman with the hat
Katia Christodoulou Spring
Loizos Oikonomides Memories
Mehmet Ali Karahasan Granma Havva
Duyal Tüzün Hoca Child
Tara Can Sahara

The photographs selected to be included in the exhibition only are the following:

Ayse Kececioglou Grandmother
Veysi Canates Fiddler
Giorgos Petrou Poetry decoration
Giorgos Charalambous Julio
Grogoris Piperides Pambos from Famagusta
Thekla Gavriil Flute player
Katia Ioannou Smile
Katia Ioannou Moustache man
Leyla Kıralp Romeo with a red hat
Loizos Economides Shoemaker
Maro Karava Kyprianu Vdokou
Maro Karava Kyprianu Melani
Mehmet Ali Karahasan Longing
Besime Tanul Beautiful islander
Bilun Güneş The speakable
Duyal Tüzün Hoca Good morning
Durmuş Bıyıklı Poet
Şaziye Kofalı Kurt My teacher
Tara Can Twins
Cem Kara Parsley producer
Cem Melih Innocent
Cem Melih Penetrating stare
Cerin Saldun From the past to the future
Cahit Erkut Θυμιαστής
Tima Riahi Zan the chef
Fazilet Avukat Pottery
Fazilet Avukat Thinking man
Hasan Karlıtaş Bird


The jury consisted of 22 Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot photographers and cultural experts who evaluated the photographs through an online voting process.
In particular, the members of the jury were: Anthoula Alexandrou, Adriana Malekkidi, Yiltan Tasci, Dora Sotiriou, Emel Sefer, Elias Lambrou, Marinos Angelides, Mehmet Turkelman, Mikaela Kythreoti, Mustafa Evirgeni, Nassim Eloud, Nilgün Ortaş, Nilgün Ortaş, Dolgun Dalgıçoğlu, Panagyotis Stelikos, Pantelis Nikolaides, Ruzen Atakan, Sevzan Cerkez, Tasos Kosteas, Ceyhan Ozyildiz, Hassan Baglar and Christakis Sazides.

The Organising Committee was composed of Elias Demetriou, Ismail Ozyol and Marinos Kleanthous.

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