Over the last 12 years the investment to revitalize the walled city reached 220 million euros in total, Nicosia Mayor, Constantinos Yiorkadjis said on Friday, noting that during this period, projects worth 100 million euros have been completed in the historic centre, while 50 million euros worth of projects are underway.

Speaking at a press conference, to present Nicosia Municipality’s projects and the Ministry of Interior’s incentive plans for the regeneration and revitalisation of the walled city, the Mayor of Nicosia said the figures were indicative of the size of the investment and the effort put to revitalise the area.

Yiorkadjis also said that the projects planned are in the order of 20 million euros, while the state budget for the incentive projects is 50 million euros.

The Mayor of Nicosia noted that the 1974 Turkish invasion and the decades-long division of the city “left many wounds that cannot be erased with the push of a button”. He reaffirmed the vision, will and determination of the Nicosia Municipality to continue the effort to revitalize the historic centre of Nicosia.

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