This was an exciting match for Stefanos Tsitsipas, who didn’t have the best of times recently on the court. Getting back home and playing some tennis sounded like a great antidote for all of that, but it didn’t quite prove true in the opening set.

It was a very close and competitive set that went to the tiebreak as neither player used their chances. Tsitsipas played okay but nothing spectacular, which is why he lost the opening set 7-3. Klein simply had more nerves down the line and produced better shots when it mattered the most.

The second set was another interesting one, but we saw a much better level from Tsitispas. He was pretty strong on his serve, allowing minimal chances, but he also couldn’t use the ones Klein gave him. At 6-5, Tsitispas had a few set points but couldn’t convert as he failed to produce the shot he needed.

The tiebreak this time around was won by Tsitsipas as he used his chances. Klein didn’t play as sharply as he did in the first set, and it cost him. The final set was likely going to see momentum shift to the side of Tsitsipas, and that’s exactly what happened.

His opponent seemed to struggle with some physical issues as well, which hampered his play, and Tsitsipas was able to jump out an early lead. As he added another break to go up 4-0 Klein opted to retire from the match, and the crowd didn’t mind.

Tsitsipas delivered a point for Greece, though it came much harder than anybody anticipated. A good and much-needed win for Tsitsipas and Greece, as he leveled the score to 1-1.

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