KOPA Veterans are back this Friday 29th Septem-ber 8-10pm at Trent Park, Oakwood, with an event dedica-ted in memory of Jimmy Cattle, the KLN, Omonia and KOPA long serving player and manager who sadly passed away in August.
Once again, there are two groups; over 40s and over 50s and it is fitting to see KLN and Omonia, Jimmy’s clubs, with a team in each group.
Each event has seen some decent football but most importantly, old friendships rekindled and good spirited competition.
Over 40s: KLN, Omonia, Komi Kebir, Brotherhood, Xylofagou A big welcome to newcomers Xylofagou to Over 40.
Over 50s: Famagusta, Omonia, Komi Kebir, KLN. A big welcome to Famagusta to Over 50.
Any enquiries, please email [email protected]

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