Evacuation of people from Sudan comes to an end, British Bases announce
Since the conflict began in the north-east African country of Sudan on April 15, more than 2,400 people from the UK and over 20 other nations including Cyprus, have been evacuated to safety, with a final RAF flight landing at Larnaca Airport on May 4, the British Bases announced on Friday.

In a press release they said that Commander British Forces Cyprus and Sovereign Base Areas Administrator, Air Vice Marshal Peter Squires, has paid tribute to all those involved in the successful evacuation.

The press release says that the Bases, working alongside the British High Commission and the Republic of Cyprus Government, have worked tirelessly to ensure that the mass evacuation was a success, with RAF flights departing Akrotiri for Sudan before returning with evacuees to Larnaca International Airport.

Speaking shortly after the final flight landed in Larnaca Air Vice Marshal Squires said that this has been an incredibly busy period, adding that they supported the Republic of Cyprus and the British High Commission in delivery of ‘Plan ESTIA’ , setting up Larnaca Airport to receive evacuees from multiple nations, supporting their welfare and onward movement.

“Our support has, to date, helped the UK bring over 2,400 people to safety, from over 20 nations including our Cypriot friends. It has been a monumental effort involving every part of our organisation to some degree. The operation has epitomised collaborative working: between branches, units, Services, departments and nations”, he said.

UK based personnel were quickly deployed to BFC, which would be used as a Forward Mounting Base for flights heading to the Sudan to augment those already on-island, according to the press release.

During the operation, BFC supported over 1,500 additional military personnel, providing everything from accommodation and food to military equipment.

RAF Akrotiri also facilitated over 165 additional flights and received the very first diplomatic evacuees.

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