38th PSEKA Congress concludes on Thursday

The 38th PSEKA Conference concludes on Thursday in Washington. PSEKA’s President Philip Christopher has told CNA that the presence at the conference of more than 40 Senators and members of the House of Representatives, who expressed their support for the Cyprus issue, has been significant.

“The role of PSEKA is to unite and I am especially glad to have brought together all the major organizations of the USA. We saw 40 Congress members and Senators, Democrats and Republicans in key positions regarding Cyprus and Greece. I believe that we have charted a path that, with the new government of Cyprus, I hope will lead to something positive. These relations with the US must be strengthened. The issue of Ukraine helps us and gives us the opportunity to say that the first invasion of Europe was that of Cyprus,” he added.

Regarding the future plans of PSEKA, Christopher emphasized that they will focus on the elections to be held in November. “Our goal is to elect as many Greek-Americans as we can, those who support us. We are targeting the big names in the Senate and House to help Senator Menendez achieve our goals.

On Wednesday evening, the PSEKA official dinner of PSEKA took place in the presence of the Ambassador of Cyprus to Washington Marios Lysiotis, the Ambassador of Greece to Washington Alexandra Papadopoulou, the US Ambassador to Greece George Tsounis, Cyprus Government Spokesman, Konstantinos Letympiotis, Cypriot and Greek organizations.

Papadopoulou, stated among others that “on behalf of Greece, I want to say thank you to PSEKA for what it is doing for Cyprus. Hellenism will never forget the division of Cyprus”, which continues since the Turkish invasion of the island in 1974.

“For Philip Christopher, I have to say that we are grateful for what he has done so far for Cyprus and together we will continue the struggle until we see Cyprus free,” she added.

The Ambassador of Cyprus to the US, Marios Lysiotis, said that this conference is the last one he will attend as an Ambassador: “I have mixed feelings, I feel grateful for all the years I have been here and I am proud of what we have done to strengthen the relationship between Cyprus and the USA,” he noted.

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