The historic leader of AKEL Ezekias Papaioannou continues to inspire new generations in the struggle for a free, united, independent, federal and sovereign Cyprus that belongs to its people and not to any foreign “guardians”….in the struggle for freedom, democracy and socialism in a world without excogitation, war and discriminations.

His example, struggles and his whole life will forever be a source of knowledge and rich experience with valuable lessons for our struggle today for the reunification of our common homeland and people.

We continue his struggle, for a stronger and mass AKEL to realise his visions and principles!The leadership of AKEL and the mass organisations of the Left (People’s Movement) laid wreaths of gratitude and honor at the grave of the late General Secretary of the C.C. of AKEL Ezekias Papaioannou, who passed away on 10 April 1988.

For almost 4 decades at the helm of AKEL, as the party’s General Secretary Stefanos Stefanou pointed out that Ezekias Papaioannou managed to grow the party of the Left, despite the difficult and dangerous conditions for Cyprus and the Party. Ezekias Papaioannou managed to harness this power for the benefit of the country and our people.

Placing the wreath of love, honor and gratitude, Stefanos Stefanou gave the promise that with the same vigor and perseverance he will continue today the struggle of E. Papaioannou, for a strong AKEL, for our people and country.


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