H.S.H Prince Albert II visited Cyprus on the 2nd April 2023, for a short stay, upon the invitation of his personal friend – Cypriot businessman, Mr. John Christodoulou. The Prince was welcomed by Mr. John Christodoulou himself at the airport, along with representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus.
Among other cultural places, Mr. Christodoulou guided the Prince at the famous village of Lefkara, a place with a rich history, where he tried the wonderful local food, tried the ‘koumandaria’ and ‘zivania’ drinks and of course, ‘loukoumia’!
On the same night, the Prince and several other distinguished Monaco-resident guests who were visiting Cyprus for a few days, attended a dinner at a known hotel in Limassol, also attended by the newly elected, young President of the Republic of Cyprus, H.E. Nikos Christodoulides. During the dinner, Prince Albert II was awarded a prize for his overall contribution to the protection of the environment. Prince Albert II received another remarkable gift from his friend John Christodoulou, a bottle of traditional 50-year-old Coumandaria!
The Prince did not hesitate to dance with the other guests ‘kalamatiano’ and ‘syrtaki’. Together with the other distinguished guests such as the very popular singer Konstantinos Argyros and Marianna Latsi from Greece, enjoyed in full the program with traditional Cypriot dances, whereas Christian Moore demonstrated his excellent dancing skills at the demanding dance of “Tatsia”!
On another note, the other distinguished Monaco-resident guests of Mr. John Christodoulou, had a short acquaintance with our island. During their short trip to Cyprus, in addition to Lefkara, the distinguished guests were guided to Omodos, Kourio, and the old town of Limassol. They dined at selected restaurants, while also tried the Cypriot cuisine in traditional taverns. Certainly, there was permanently a shot of zivania at every occasion.
Moreover, they attended the award ceremony that took place on Monday, April 3rd in Limassol for the “Love Cyprus” Cyprus-wide school competition organized by the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation. The competition attracted huge interest with almost 200 public schools participating with over 600 entries (photos – videos).
During the ceremony, eight schools were awarded for their masterpieces with cash prizes of €180,000, as it has been always the passion for Mr Christodoulou to teach children to work hard and rightfully earn what they aim for. The evening concluded with a magnificent and electrifying concert from Konstantinos Argyros who invited the legendary Anna Vissi on stage, with a result to spread shivering and excitement to the crowd.
Christian Moore, director and son of the famous actor Roger Moore, Anna Vissi and Marianna Latsi, were the Judges to the finals of the Competition.

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