Cyprus has registered tourist inflow mainly for Great Britain, Poland, Austria and Scandinavia, during the Catholic Easter holidays, while the island’s tourist industry is preparing for the summer season, Cyprus Hotel Association (PASYXE) Director Manager Philikypros Rousounides told CNA.

Rousounides also said that Cypriots have utilised easter packages offered by hotels to make reservations both in the coastal areas, mainly Pafos, Limassol and the areas of Famagusta, as well as the mountain regions.

“Therefore, I believe that hotel capacity this week will amount between 50% and 60%,” he said.

Concerning inflow of tourist for the Catholic Easter holidays, Rousounides said last week saw the first tourists arriving on the island staying at hotels in the coastal areas that are now open.

The bulk of the tourist arrivals came mainly from Great Britain, Poland, Austria and the Scandinavian countries while “as the end of this month arrivals from Israel, now Cyprus’ second largest market will begin.”

Rousounides noted that by the end of April, the majority of hotels throughout Cyprus will open and will be ready to welcome tourists for the coming summer season.

Concerning prices, Rousounides said that these are quite accessible as most hoteliers have absorbed most of cost increases due to inflation, rising energy costs and raw materials, in a bid to preserve the sector’s competitiveness, adding that this would affect tourist businesses’ profitability.

Furthermore, the PASYXE Director General noted despite challenges, this year is expected to be better than 2022 which will alleviate the pressure on the sector, due to rising costs.

The Cypriot Deputy Ministry for Tourism said that 2023 will see a 5% to 10% increase in arrivals compared with last year, despite the absence of the Russian market, Cyprus’ second largest market after the UK, due to the continued war in Ukraine and the ensuing western sanctions.

Replying to a question, Rousounides said the rise in individual tourist reservations manifested during the Covid-19 pandemic continues and now reservations are balanced between mass reservations by tour operators and individual tourists.

“While in the past reservations by tour operators amounted to 70% or 80% with individual tourists at 20% to 30%, now this ratio is fifty-fifty which is a healthy mix,” he added.

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