He would do well to remember who and how Cyprus’ reputation was “stained”
27 April 2023, ‘Astra’ radio station
AKEL yesterday requested that the issue of the sanctions that have been imposed by the United States and the United Kingdom on natural and legal persons in Cyprus and the possible impact of these sanctions on the Cyprus economy be tabled for discussion in the Parliamentary Finance Committee.
Speaking to the morning edition of ‘Astra’, AKEL C.C. Spokesperson Giorgos Koukoumas stressed that Cyprus is probably currently paying the consequences of policies and practices followed in previous years to serve “get-rich-quick” predatory policies and temporary profit. He added that over the last decade, the former ruling government forces not only tolerated and turned a blind eye to such phenomena but were themselves involved.
G.Koukoumas recalled that former President Nicos Anastasiades was mentioned in the Pandora papers because of his relationship with a Russian oligarch and that the international mass media called him “the offshore President”. Furthermore, the AKEL C.C. Spokesperson pointed out that when President Christodoulides claims that he will clear the name of Cyprus, he would do well to remember who and how they “stained” it and that it is what he himself was defending for 10 years.
G.Koukoumas indicated that all necessary steps must be taken to send the message that there is no tolerance for any illegal or unfair practices and neither is Cyprus, nor appear appears to be a laundry for money laundering. He also pointed out that financial practices may benefit a small business group, but they eventually damage society and the economy. In fact, the AKEL Spokesperson noted that citizens, either Cypriots or Russians, are paying the cost of the case of the US-British sanctions, citizens who have nothing to do with money laundering. He said it would be unfair and damaging to the economy if the axe falls on every Russian living and operating in Cyprus or Cypriots doing business with Russians.

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