A large scale fire broke out on Wednesday in the building of the  Russian Center for Science and Culture in Nicosia.

The cause of the blaze, which was extinguished, is being investigated, while the Police have begun questioning people.

The Russian Ambassador and other members of the Russian Embassy went to the site, where the fire broke out. The Russian Embassy wrote on its facebook account that “A fire broke out today in the building of the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Nicosia. The fire was extinguished. No casualties. The reasons are being investigated.”

The Cyprus Fire Service responded with seven trucks and more than 20 firefighters, Charalambos Tylliros, Head of the Nicosia Fire Station, said.

“It was a difficult and demanding blaze. We had to coordinate for extinguishing, but also for the removal of the people who were inside. Fortunately both were carried out quickly and safely,” he said.

Regarding the flammable material that had a strong smell, he said that it is insulating material from the roof of the building that burned.

Meanwhile, Police Spokesman Christos Andreou told CNA that there is no indication or witnesses that a Molotov coctail was thrown at the Russian Center.

He pointed out that the scene in the area of the fire was cordoned off and is being guarded by the Police until tomorrow, when experts from the Fire Service and the Police will begin investigations to determine the cause of the fire.

The investigation will also focus on the flammable material that was in the building’s renovation area, which may have caused the fire.

The government is following the issue related to the fire that broke out on Wednesday at the Russian Cultural Center in Nicosia and once it has the official results of the investigations it will deal with this issue, a government source told CNA on Thursday.

The source was replying to a question whether Nicosia has reached out to the Russian side to discuss this issue after statements made in Russia about a “terrorist attack” against the Russian Cultural Center.

We are following the issue in contact with the competent authorities of the Republic that are carrying out the investigations and once we have the official results of the investigations we will act accordingly and if we consider it necessary we will contact the Russian side, the source noted.

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