Efforts are underway since Monday afternoon to repair and assess the damage caused by a water leak from a tank adjacent to the room where the servers that provide internet access for the entire government hub are located at the Ministry of Finance.

At the same time, an inquiry was ordered as to why the equipment was not moved to the CYTA facilities, following a Cabinet decision taken in November 2022.

The leak was discovered yesterday and led to a disconnection of all government websites. No accurate estimation can be made as to when the connection will be restored.

Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy issued a statement saying that every possible effort is made to restore the running of the State’s online services.

It said that so far the call center has already been restored and put into operation and intensive actions are being taken to restore, as soon as possible, the remaining services that have been affected.

The Deputy Ministry notes that unfortunately the systems were placed at the Finance Ministry in a way that were exposed to a possible accident, despite the fact that a decision was taken by the Council of Ministers in November 2022, to move the equipment to the CYTA facilities.

It said that an inquiry will be conducted to establish the reasons why the decision was not implemented and why no further measures were taken to protect the existing facilities.

The Deputy Ministry also apologizes to the public for the inconvenience.

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