Statement by AKEL C.C. Spokesperson Giorgos Koukoumas

Does the government adopt the recommendations of the IMF?

31 March 2023, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

The International Monetary Fund “recommends” that the Automatic Cost of Living Allowance should not be restored, that the framework for foreclosures that currently scandalously favors the banks should not be corrected, and that the existing measures addressing electricity and fuel price hikes/expensiveness should be terminated. One wonders how the economy will be protected if society is completely brought to its knees.

We don’t need to recall the IMF’s own subsequent admissions of “mistakes” it made with its economic policy prescriptions on a number of occasions.

Of course, the question that arises does not concern what the IMF says, but what the attitude of the Christodoulides government is.

Does it adopt the philosophy and recommendations of the IMF or not?

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