Deputy Minister of Innovation and Research Philippos Hadjizacharias said that Cyprus, with the contribution of its students, emerges as a regional centre of research, innovation and entrepreneurship and a competitive and productive economy, based on knowledge and excellence. He also said that it provides solutions to global environmental, economic and social challenges.

Addressing on Wednesday the opening ceremony of the “sCYence Fair 2023” Science Festival, organized by the Cyprus Institute and Cyprus Pedagogical Institute for a fourth year, the Deputy Minister said that the festival is a pioneering institution that inspires young people to explore the exciting world of science and technology.

He said that initiatives like sCYence Fair contribute significantly to building the research, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem that we want, adding that Cyprus has high-quality human resources.

He said that it should come as no surprise that it is ranked 10th in the European Innovation Scoreboard for the year 2022, moving to the category, “Strong Innovators” and registering the greatest improvement in performance across Europe.

Hadjizacharias assured that the government will provide the students with conditions and opportunities that will allow them to further develop their creativity and initiatives.

He also said that the students are called to play a leading role in achieving a sustainable, green and digital future, and assured that the state will be by their side at every step.

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