Statements by AKEL MEP Giorgos Georgiou:
A plane travelled from Cyprus to Sudan and delivered the “Predator” software
19 April 2023, ‘Astra’ radio station
At the end of 2022, a small Cessna type plane travelled from Cyprus to Khartoum, Sudan and delivered the Predator surveillance software to the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, AKEL MEP Giorgos Georgiou pointed out.
Speaking to the ‘Astra’ radio Morning Edition, he noted that through Predator the paramilitaries were monitoring their opponents, namely the Sudanese army.
The AKEL MEP stated that a question was submitted in Greece, specifically to a former director of the economic service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whether he gave permission for the export of the Predator to Sudan. He said they did not receive any answer or a denial of the incident. The issue, G.Georgiou added, is whether Greece is involved, in an indirect way, in the civil war in Sudan by providing the Predator.
At the same time, the AKEL MEP noted that the work of the PEGA Commission established by the European Parliament is “annoying for some”, saying that a lot of obstacles are being put in the Committee’s work. G.Georgiou noted, however, that they will conclude their work by submitting proposals on surveillance software in the period ahead which will be tabled to the European Parliament and the European Commission, as well as being channelled to EU member states.
The AKEL MEP said, however, that many people were buying and using such software, citing terrorism as a means of COMBATING criminal activities.
G.Georgiou suggested that there should be an institutional framework in place to ensure that the operation of surveillance software is done in a controlled manner.
Statements by AKEL MEP G.Georgiou on the Georgoulis case:
European institutions are very hospitable houses of scandal
The mood in the European Parliament is heavy and tragic regarding the case of Alexis Georgoulis, who is accused of sexual harassment, stressed AKEL MEP Giorgos Georgiou.
Speaking to ‘Astra’ radio Morning Edition, he pointed out that there is a storm of allegations and evidence that seems to be irrefutable and that is precisely why the lifting of his immunity was announced and he has left the SYRIZA Eurogroup in the European Parliament. Furthermore, G.Georgiou said that yesterday it was decided to suspend Alexis Georgoulis’ participation from the Left Group GUE/NGL and that the case is going to the courts.
In fact, the AKEL MEP said that the European Parliament and the European institutions are very “hospitable” AREAS of scandals. He spoke of an unacceptable system that produces and reproduces violence. G.Georgiou said that when such incidents occur they are accompanied by heavy-handed proclamations, and stressed the need for the Istanbul Treaty to be adopted and ratified, which constitutes a weapon for the protection of women from the exercise of mainly sexual violence.
The AKEL MEP also pointed out that the competent authorities must ensure appropriate structures to provide support to victims.

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