Please allow me to introduce you to the amazing 11 year old Yaseen Tarky who lives in Manchester with his parents. Yaseen was born with thalassaemia major, a severe and inherited blood disorder and has been dependent on regular blood transfusions since he was 10 months old.
Despite having to attend clinics and hospitals several times each week for all of his life, Yaseen has been determined to do his best and help others living with the condition as well as to educate his community and friends about the condition itself, especially as it is an inherited condition and could be prevented with proper knowledge and counselling.
He first started off his own awareness campaigns by preparing and presenting to his classmates, power point presentations on thalassaemia, the importance of being screened and how it is inherited together with his own life experiences to date on what it is like to live with a chronic blood disorder.
As part of his awareness, Yaseen decided to push himself even further and signed up, together with his aunt, to walk in March and raise funds for the United Kingdom thalassaemia Society, the national charity supporting people and families living with the disorder.
Yaseen, despite sore bleeding feet and extreme exhaustion, managed to complete 10K walk yesterday. He also managed to raise £360.00 to date but intends to continue with various activities until he achieves his goal of £1000.00.
We are really proud of this young man as he ensured that he was properly outfitted with his handmade sign and T shirt for the walk.
To help him achieve this goal please donate to the his JustGiving page

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