With the celebrations of International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, I thought it would be a good time to remind all of the amazing power a woman has, as some people tend to forget. Yes, to those women who love being a woman and value all that it brings with it; Of course in a gender equal world that is diverse, equitable and inclusive of all, where difference should be valued and celebrated, why should we not appreciate the powerful role of the female and what it accounts for?!
I am one of those that enjoys being a woman of strength and tenacity, capable of tough and tender, a balance of raw and real and carrying it with feminine grace. I am not afraid to get out there and do some hard work and I am also not afraid to get out there and ooze femininity; it is not a sign of weakness as many people often think. Being a woman in itself carries the stigma that we are of weak essence and reliant dependency – this may have been true in the past, and there are some that still want or feel the need and choose to live like this, but in this day and age, where most relationships are of equal choice and not the old, betrothed arranged marriages set by family for wealth advantages, this does not apply, when women have equal rights to work, use our brain effectively and live a comfortable life independently and uniquely in how we choose to do so.
Let’s not forget how we are designed, like that of puzzle pieces to complement each other, the male and female fit together equally to create more life, giving birth to more males and females; I am sure we all know the biology here but it is pretty awesome by its very nature.
Yes, women can think differently from men, but surely that’s a good thing at times when one or the other is not thinking straight and the other party may offer a different perspective on a matter in order to find a good solution with equilibrium.
The old saying: ‘Behind every great man there’s a great woman,’ came from the influence, opportunity and privilege of a mother, that we would of course expect and hope would want only the best for her son. If a female partner can offer the same nurturing quality to her partner, then it would also hopefully be with good intent and for a good desired outcome.
Let’s remind ourselves of the power of women during the war – women were called up for work as mechanics, engineers, munitions workers, building ships, aeroplanes, in the auxiliary services as air raid wardens, fire engine and bus drivers. By 1945, millions of women were working to supply the military with aircraft, ships and ammunition.
Women filled manufacturing and agricultural positions, while some provided support on the front lines as nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers, translators and, in rare cases, on the battlefield.
Women are often thought to have worked at the surface of mines, but in reality, women did in fact hold roles that required them to work underground before this became illegal due to the concern safety risk of sexual harassment, violence directed at them by their male colleagues and by illegal miners. The underground conditions left women especially vulnerable and the law was changed to women and girls being able to work on the surface of the mine only. They worked at various jobs ranging from loading wagons to sorting coal.
All this tells us women are powerful in their own right – there are many women who are scientists, astronauts, strong athletes, natural bodybuilders with strength; women are not stupid as often portrayed in many jokes. There are many women who have become more than financially comfortable using their brain.
Women are most certainly different by design, in thought, as well as aesthetically, it is so for a reason, all for which should be embraced and not misunderstood or mistaken for weakness and of poor mind. Women are capable of being both a scientist and mother at the same time.
Let’s embrace being capable of not only beautiful mothers, daughters, wives or partners, but being able to be seen as strong and powerful, handling challenges with grace and patience, turning to others when we need a helping hand and giving help to others when needed.
Women, please don’t let the side down, use your power for the good of all others, don’t abuse your power of femininity for undesirable selfish acts, instead let’s show ourselves as good, strong, kind, positive yet beautiful individuals that we are all capable of being.
Thank you to all women who look out for each other and thank you to all the gentleman who show respect for all women and support them in this world where a pleasant balance is required.

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x

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