Two Turkish Cypriot teachers were found dead on Wednesday evening under the debris of the quake-hit Isias Hotel in Antiyaman, Turkey.

Both were with a Turkish Cypriot delegation of students taking part in competitions there, according to Kibris Postasi.

One teacher was accompanying the TC students who were in Adiyaman at the time of the first major earthquake. The body was identified by the teacher’s wife who was there, watching rescuers digging out bodies.

The other dead teacher was at the hotel with his 13-year-old son when the quake hit.

At the same time, the body of a child was found in the Antiyaman hotel, Kibris Postasi writes.

“A child from a sports team was found dead during search and rescue operations at the Isias Hotel in Antiyaman,” the paper reported.

Following this development, the number of dead Turkish Cypriots in Antiyaman has now risen to five.

Search and rescue activity is ongoing at the wreckage of the Isias Hotel where the group of Turkish Cypriot students were staying.

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