TITLE: St Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church organises food bank to fight poverty
HEADLINE: High demand for food banks creates long queues with users waiting in the cold

VOICE OVER 1: Amidst the extremely high cost of living crisis, St Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church has set up a food bank with the help of many Cypriot volunteers. This initiative led by the church caters for approximately 800 residents of Edmonton, Cypriots included, making sure that they have enough food every week.

STATEMENT: … Βασιλία Hookway υπεύθυνη της Τράπεζας Τροφίμων

VOICE OVER 2: The food bank is one of many endeavours implemented by the church in order to help the impoverished in any way possible. Many of the Cypriot volunteers that work at the church utilise its space to hold fundraisers, social evening events and many more.


VOICE OVER 3: It is the first time the church has experienced such a high number of people reaching out for help. Poverty has exacerbated to such extend in the UK, that many residents are now pleading the church to cover their bills.

STATEMENT: Αρχιμανδρίτης Νικόδημος Αναγνωστόπουλος

VOICE OVER 4: Two years ago, at the age of 21, Angelina Yianni, one of the Greek Cypriot volunteers, launched her own charity. ‘Feed The 100’ is an initiative led by Angelina, that helps to feed the homeless people of London.

STATEMENT: Angelina Yianni Volunteer

VOICE OVER 5: Along with the food bank, the church also makes many donations to help its community as much as possible, but the need for more donations and volunteers is greater today than ever before.

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