There was plenty to celebrate for the many teams of community grassroots club Omonia Youth FC, who are sponsored by Diamond Corp. Ltd
To begin, Ali Emir’s Under 10 Girls were involved in a brilliant match where there was great football from both sides. The Omonia Girls have shown improvement in their positional play but even better was that they made some great passes. The girls had two penalties in the game, which was also a good experience.
Mary Tryphona and Christian Noble’s Under 12 Girls Tigers had an emotional game where they really showed how far they have come. Earlier in the season playing against the same opposition they suffered a really heavy defeat but on this occasion the Omonia Girls played really well and showed their progress. Even though they lost 6-2 the context was that the second half was 2-2. Lara had so many chances to score but the oppsition ‘keeper was on fire. Defensive duo of Zoe & Gabby never stopped battling. Alicja, Xenia and Elysia in midfield were passing well and the girls broke them down with two great goals by Gabriella. The match was clear indication that the hard work in training is really paying off.
In the Under 14 Spring Cup Kyri Eleftheriou and Myri Demetriou’s Under 14 White went on a goal scoring spree as they plundered eight goals in an 8-1 win but in truth, the score line flattered the boys. There was a lack of focus complacency from the outset with the boys unaware they were playing against only 10 men in first half. They were second to every ball, and there was a lack of cohesive passing and yet they went into half time 3-1 up. The half time team talk was about asserting their ability and to play to their strengths, which they did and to their credit the boys raised their game. The press and counter press was infinitely better, and they broke quickly and decisively with five goals scored in the second in the second half. There were smiles all round at the end from the boys. Goals were scored by Nicholas (3) who was also named Man of the Match, Charlie (2), Andrew, Andreas and Andre.
David Poncia and Savvas Zavros’ Under 18 Gold lost 3-1 but the score was not indiciative of how the game went. Missing their goalkeeper wasn always going to be difficult and so it proved as all three of the opposition goals would not have happened had he have been there. The Under 18 Gold had the opposition chasing shadows for all the game but sadly possession doesn’t win football matches. However, to dominate a team a year older really was fantastic to see. Ultimately, the boys need to find a way to score more goals. Harry got the only goal for his team with Callum named Man of the Match.
Tony Stylianides and Jason Plysi’s Under 12 White Lions Girls had to play more than one match. Having played 50 minutes against the league leaders, the girls then faced a 15 minute game against the team in third place that had to be rescheduled due to bad weather. The girls started 3-0 down and they planned to play on the front foot and all-out attack. The girls didn’t disappoint from the first whistle as they won every challenge and every second ball. They created chance after chance and it didn’t take long for Ria to they 1-0 up. This was followed quickly by Melina adding a second and try as they might, they could not score what would’ve been an equalising goal. Even so, the girls were immense and special mention for Amelia for a fantastic bit of skill beat her player and get a cross in. The girls were all amazing today.
Jack Markou, Jay Kemal and Demi Christou’s Under 12 Green are steadily climbing up the table. Winning 5-1 and with game in hand, this was another great performance from the boys. Using four substitutes in a rotation is giving all players an opioritntiy in manby diferent positions and ensuring all the boys have good playing time. Five goals were scored from five different players which was great to see. Scorers were Cos, Lysanthros, Leo, Jordan and Harry
Michael Michael and Chris Komodromou’s Under 10 White put on a great performance. The team are all starting to lift their heads up and passing the ball and using the space better. There were lots of goals from different players and it is evident that what is done in training is starting to come through into matches. Well done to the players today.

Chris Gregoriou’s Mens Team who is sponsored by Crown Mobile Tyres and CMB Partners got back to winning ways with a composed performance. The game plan was set before kick-off and it was pleasing that it was executed with perfection. There were some strong performances throughout the team and in key moments too. Two goals both from set pieces was enough to take the points and a clean sheet too. Goals were scored by Hadio Power and Man of the Match Sertan Kirman.
Jason Plysis, Sophia Karanicholas and Tony Stylianides combined the Under 12 Green and White Girls teams due to lower than usual numbers as a result of half term. Playing against a team that that contained many players at academy standard and who in the past had beaten all the Omonia Girls teams by double digits in the past, it was always going to be a tough match but the Omonia Girls were superb. For the girls to have only conceded four goals this time around demonstrates the huge amount of development they’ve gone through as a group in the space of only a few months. The girls really played like a team and supported each other fantastically. They gave their opponents a tough game at times. The proudest moment was a much improved second half with the second half score only being 1-0. The girls were far more compact and were constantly pressing. After the match Sophia said: “I’m so, so proud of the Under 12 Greens and White girls today! It is moments like these that make being a coach so rewarding.

Demi Shiamishis and Vas Soteriou’s Under 13 Green Girls above put on another excellent display as they ran out 5-0 winners. With only 7 starting and no subs the girls began playing on the front foot from the beginning. The team were joined by twins Sophia and Melina halfway through the first half to help and they went into the half time 3-0 up.
With the game effectively won, the coaches mixed the girls outside of their favoured positions. Despite some protestations they took to the task very well, scored another goal and continued where they left off. Power play allowed the opposition to introduce another player so the Omonia Girls had to work harder. Another goal resulted in 7 v 9 and the girls this time had to battle to avoid conceding a goal but defended brilliantly and saw out the game with a comfortable win. After the match Demi said: “Myself, Vas & George are very proud of the girls for another win this week. Thanks to both Sofia and Melina helping us this week and to Connie making her debut since joining Omonia.” Goals were scored by Melina (3), Emily and Katina. Player of the Match was awarded to Georgia Soteriou who was an unsung hero with another solid performance.
Should you feel enthused and want to know more about Omonia Youth FC, you can contact the club at [email protected], via the contact page on the club’s website as well as following the club on twitter @OmoniaYouthFC and Instagram @omoniayouthfc1994.

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