Katie Cleridou has hit back at President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades, who earlier today was asked to comment on allegations of corruption that marred his presidential terms, saying that he “does not comment on vulgarities.”

After exercising her right to vote alongside the President of DISY Averof Neophytou, Ms. Cleridou was called to comment on Nicos Anastasiades’ statements, saying “I do not want to comment on what the President of Cyprus has said. Besides he will go home in a few days. I want to say that whatever the result may be, DISY will stand united and strong.”

She added, “Our country is small. We all know things and sometimes when it suits us, we hide them, but I think the life and times of each person is an open book in Cyprus, so I do not need to comment. Maybe we should have considered early on how this person should have been dealt with.

“Every one of us who remembers what Glafkos Clerides has taught us, how many thunderstorms he had to deal with and overcome, the genuine supporters of DISY will stand by Averof Neophytou who has proven to be a leading figure and we will follow our duty as the responsible opposition party,” Ms. Cleridou highlighted.

Posting on her Facebook account yesterday, Ms. Cleridou accused the President of “tarnishing DISY with his corrupt administration and now he is trying to divide DISY,” highlighting that “her biggest disappointment in life is Nicos Anastasiades.”

In addition, Ms. Cleridou has openly accused Anastasiades of “endorsing Nicos Christodoulides for President to cover his tracks.”

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