Jane McDonald enjoyed everything Cyprus had to offer as she visited the birthplace of Aphrodite in her latest Channel 5 travel series.
The singer met up with her old friend Kostas as the pair reminisced over a coffee. Jane subsequently went off on an Aphrodite-inspired adventure on the back of Kostas’ motorbike.
As the pair arrived as Aphrodite’s Rock, Jane explained that its said that those who swim around the rock will be gifted with eternal beauty.
Elsewhere, Jane got stuck in as she witnessed the ancient art of lace-making and learnt how to make halloumi cheese.
She also experienced a spot of sea-bobbing while snorkelling in the Blue Lagoon, before returning to dry land to be serenaded by Peter Andre’s brother Chris on the bouzouki!
She finished off the visit by meeting up with some friends that she made on the trip.
Jane enjoyed some music, great food and entertainment in a tradition Cypriot tavern.
Holidaying with Jane McDonald is available on Channel 5.

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