Instead of Anastasiades being “hurt” for being characterised as corrupt, he should have taken care not to be involved in so many cases of conflict of interest
3 January 2022, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia
N. Anastasiades’ interview with ‘Fileleftheros’ newspaper confirms that he is leaving office in the same way he came to power and ruled for a decade: with loads of audacity and plenty of lies. At a time when society is being crushed by expensiveness, price hikes and inequalities, the … “immaculate and untainted” outgoing President is projecting a virtual reality of the country.
Instead of being “hurt” that citizens characterise him as corrupt, Anastasiades should have made sure that he was not involved in so many cases of conflict of interest that in any other country of the world would have led to his resignation on the very same day. And instead of feeling hurt about his posterity, he should be hurt because Cyprus was humiliated, because institutions were discredited and because our people’s dignity was trampled upon. Mr. Anastasiades shouldn’t attack citizens or the opposition. It is his own former colleagues/associates who characterise his government as a “gang” and “mafia”.
These are the things that the two DISY candidates [A.Neofytou and N.Christodoulides] want to continue, and they are even competing with each other to see who will be the best successor to Anastasiades. The recent announcement by Christodoulides that the ruling DISY party will participate in his government if he were to be elected, confirms once again that either with Averof Neofytou or with N.Christodoulides, the DISY government will continue, with Nicos Anastasiades in the role of shadow governor.

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