St Andrew the Apostle Greek Orthodox School Open Evening saw hundreds of parents and children visiting the school, going around the classrooms, enjoying the various subject displays, speaking to the staff and students around the school and completing a treasure hunt. They also attended one of the three Headteacher’s presentations delivered on the evening. Mr Easton, the Executive Headteacher, spoke about the distinctive Christian ethos of the school where every child is known and cared for and where there are high aspirations and outcomes. He also spoke about the excellent GCSE and GCE “A” level results and showed the plans for the new school building which students and staff will move into in the academic year 2024.

In addition to the Headteachers’s presentation 6 students spoke about their experience at St Andrew: Year 7 students Tia and Andrew, Year 8 students Chrysanthos and Amelia and Year 13 students Thea and Chrystalla, both of whom are studying A levels and planning their university entrance for 2023.
Some of the excellent GCSE results were: Alegra 7 x Grade 9s; 2 x Grade 8s; 1 x Grade 7; Toni 5 x Grade 9s; 5 x Grade 8s; Anatasia 5 x Grade 9s; 3 x Grade 8s; 2 x Grade 7s; Antal 4 x Grade 9s; 5 x Grade 8s; 1 x Grade 6; George 3 x Grade 9s; 3 x Grade 8s; 3 x Grade 7s; 1 x Grade 6; Zain 2 x Grade 9s; 3 x Grade 8s; 2 x Grade 7s; 2 x Grade 6s; Ela 2 x Grade 9s, 4 x Grade 7s; 3 x Grade 6s; Emily 2 x Grade 9s; 1 x Grade 8; 4 x Grade 7s; 2 x Grade 6s.
Some of the excellent A Level results were: Victoria – A* A* B (accepted into University of Oxford to study mathematics); Melody – A* A B B (accepted into University of Leicester to study medicine); Radoslav – A* A A; Saihan – A* A* A* A; Tia – A A B; Alex – A* A B.

From a small cohort, over 40 of St Andrew’s Year 13 students will be starting their university education this term at various universities e.g. 2 to Oxford University, others to UCL, Queen Mary, City, Lancaster, Loughborough, Surrey, East Anglia, etc.

The school looks forward to hearing about the successes of their first cohort of students who joined in 2013 as 11 year olds and will graduate from various universities in 2023 as 21 year olds. Future students will be able to enjoy the new purpose built school, which they will move into in September 2024. The school has Open Mornings 20 – 26 September 2022 at 9.00am and 11.00am. which can be booked on line through the school website:

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