The Pancyprian Federation of Labour (PEO) on the new accident at work leading to a worker’s death

► Profits cannot be put above human lives

Yesterday, we witnessed yet another fatal accident at work.

Yet another worker will not return to his family.

In these difficult climatic conditions, with the heatwave hitting 40s, some workers are forced to work in unbearable conditions in open spaces without adequate health and safety measures.

PEO expresses its sincere condolences to the family of the unfortunate worker, yet another sacrifice in the fight to earn a living wage, yet another in the long list of dead workers.

Once again, PEO reiterates its demand that employers must at long last assume their responsibility and take all the necessary measures to protect the safety and health of workers, as provided by law.
Profits cannot be put above human lives and this is something we will never stop fighting for.

The Ministry of Labour also bears a huge responsibility for the implementation of the law and for ensuring adequate controls are exercised. It must move from mere verbal declarations to practical actions.

PEO has on many occasions submitted specific proposals for measures to prevent accidents at work, for measures aimed at obliging employers to train their employees in health and safety matters and for measures to be taken to ensure better control.

For PEO, the issue of safety and health is a top priority, which is precisely why we will continue to take initiatives by mobilising workers and reacting dynamically.

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