A VW Beetlefrom 1971 was converted into an electric vehicle by pupils from the 1st Technical and Vocational School of Education and Training, in Nicosia, and was presented on Thursday, in the presence of Transport Minister, Yiannis Karousos. The Ministry funded the project with €25,000.

Karousos congratulated the students for their initiative and accomplishment. Speaking at the event, he emphasized that the EU Council decided that from 2035 only zero-emission vehicles will be sold in EU.

«Our national goal is by 2030, 25% of all new vehicle registrations to concern electric cars and by 2035, this percentage to reach 100%» Karousos said. He went on wishing that in the future, Cyprus will be able to manufacture electric vehicles. In order to do so, he said, the right education is necessary.

The Minister also noted that in the future, the profession that will prevail in the field of transportation will be that of engineers of electric vehicles. “Everything will change in the future, even the gas stations, because now, instead of refueling the vehicles with conventional fuel, we will have to charge the vehicle and we will have to wait until it charges for a long time. In other words, the stereotypical way in which we have learned to live in terms of transport is completely changing”, the Minister added.

For his part, the Principal of the school, Polys Yiannakas, spoke about the students’ original project, noting the hard work that the students did with their teachers, and which in now bearing fruit.

On behalf of the group of students who worked on the project, Demetris Christofi and Anna Maria Koula, talking about their experience, described it as unique and unforgettable. They pointed out their cooperation with their teachers and the benefits they gained from the study and the process of reconstructing and converting the vehicle into an electric one.



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