The Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry took part recently in the opening meeting of the European programme WAST – Support Young Women and Professionals in the field of Alternative and Sustainable Tourism, which was held in the city of Lublin, Poland. 

During the meeting, partners discussed the goals and priorities of the programme, as well as the distribution of tasks between them. The programme will be completed in May 2024, a press release reads.

The corporate structure that participates in the programme consists of the 6 following partners from 5 countries, namely OIC Poland Foundation (Poland) who is the lead partner, C.F.C.D.C Center for Competence Development Cyprus (Cyprus), Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Cyprus), CYBERNO AMKE (Greece), Associazione Ergon a favore dei Sordi (Italy) and Youth Initiative of Cities (Ukraine).

It is noted that the aim of WAST is to support young women and young professionals in the field of alternative and sustainable tourism through digital channels, in order to promote cooperation and exchange of good practices in the field of youth and tourism as well as to create networks and partnerships with young professionals in Europe interested in the tourism sector.

It is further added that the main deliverable of the project is the preparation of a Guide that will aim to develop and strengthen the skills related to tourism and the ability of young female guides to plan and implement themed alternative and sustainable tours. The Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry will lead the action regarding the pilot testing and evaluation of the Guide, the press release concludes.

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